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Nifty Money, owned by Webburner India, is a leading consumer investment banking firm specializing in the Indian Stock Market, Shares, Bonds, ETFs, Crypto, and forex trading. With a focus on delivering great returns on investments, Nifty Money prides itself on minimizing risks and maximizing profits for its investors. Founded in January 2024, Nifty Money has quickly garnered a strong following, boasting a portfolio worth over £30k within just three months of launch. Early stage investors have enjoyed a promising monthly or annual return on their Fundings, establishing Nifty Money as a trusted choice for financial and investment advice.

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Our Investment Offerings

Explore our range of specialized investment products tailored to suit your financial goals.


Stock Market

Diversify your portfolio with expertly managed stocks and shares to secure long-term gains.


Crypto Trading

Invest in the lucrative world of cryptocurrencies with our strategic insights and personalized guidance.


Forex Trading

Maximize your returns with our low-risk, high-reward ETF and forex trading opportunities.

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Our Story

Nifty Money, a top-tier consumer investment management firm based in India, specializes in the Indian Stock Market, Shares, Bonds, ETFs, Crypto, and forex trading. Unlock the potential of your money with Nifty Money – where investments meet innovation and reliability.

Why Choose Nifty Money

Discover the unique benefits that set Nifty Money apart in the world of investments.

Expert Guidance

Our team of seasoned financial experts provide personalized advice to help you navigate market complexities with confidence.

Proven Results

Benefit from our track record of consistently delivering substantial returns and minimizing risks for our valued investors.

Client Testimonials

See what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with Nifty Money.

Start Growing Your Wealth Today

Take the first step towards financial success with Nifty Money – your trusted partner in smart investing.

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